6th June 2024

Dear Parents/Carers

As we continue our work around the expectations of our students and the behaviours we expect within the TSLA community, we are keen to ensure that our mobile phone policy is revisited and fully enforced as we end the summer term, and in line with the Department for Education advice released February 2024.

Mobile Phones – what our policy states:

Mobile phones are not permitted in the academy. 

Should a member of staff see or hear a mobile phone it will be confiscated and taken to a Student Progress Leader or the Inclusion Manager and can be collected at the end of the day. A C1 sanction is issued and a log is added to Arbor by the member of staff, and parents are contacted to inform them of the use during the school day. . 

Refusal to hand the mobile phone in for safekeeping until the end of the day leads to further behaviour sanctions such as isolation/same day Compass. 

Should a student use their mobile phone to take images or video while on the academy site this leads to a Senior Leadership Team referral and a possible suspension. Should such images or video be uploaded to social media this could lead to a more significant suspension. 

Not only is this a part of our approach to having high expectations but our commitment to make every minute of learning count, alongside keeping children safe. We understand that parents may want their child to have a mobile phone with them to and from school, however the expectation is that they are switched off and away throughout the school day and remain in their bags until they are off site. Please encourage your child to bring a bag to school daily to support this, alongside ensuring that they are equipped and ready to learn.

Students have been made aware of these expectations during assemblies this week. Should they need to make any contact home throughout the school day, they can be supported to do so via our student services or pastoral teams. We value the importance of the parent partnership and welcome ongoing liaison with you around your child’s needs and your concerns. Please ensure that you continue to communicate with us so that we can ensure your child’s needs are supported.  

Once again, we thank you for your ongoing support with our behavioural initiatives, and look forward to updating you further with their future successes.

Kind regards

G Pattinson

Mrs G Pattinson

Deputy Headteacher