The St Lawrence Academy has provided a transformational learning experience for many of our young people as they journeyed into their futures. We are extremely proud to hear the stories of the exciting and successful ventures students have undertaken once they move on from the academy.

To get to know us better, we invite you to read about and watch some of our stories as they represent the true character of our great school.

We love welcoming back our alumni to support our careers provision in the academy. Many former students have returned to share their journey with others and help raise the hope and aspirations of our young people. If you would like to come and visit us in the future, please contact our Personal Development Lead, Ryan Oates, at [email protected]

If you are a past student of the academy and would like to share your successes and story with us, please complete this google form link – TSLA Alumni

Sky Robinson :

Sky Robinson

Name: Sky Robinson
Left the Academy: 2016
About me:

I left TSLA in 2016 and went to college at North Lindsey to study childcare for 3 years. While at college it was hard to decide whether or not to take my education further. However, this was the best thing I ever did, I attended university at Bishop Grosseteste studying primary education to get my qualification to teach in a primary school for another 3 years. Although it felt great to finish my journey in education, finding a job became very difficult and it almost made me lose faith in my career path. Interview after interview began to knock my confidence but I eventually found my place, I began as a maternity temp in a year 2 classroom which after lots of hard work became a permanent job!

When you’re in secondary school you don’t think much of what the future will bring and what you need to do to get there. Teenage me would never believe I was writing this message to my old school but as you grow, develop and change in so many different ways you realise how important school was. You realise that after those short years have passed, you miss it more and more and wonder what you could have done to support your education further if you was ever to go back. School supported me no matter my mood, what my current problem was when I thought the world was falling at my feet, encouraged me in every way possible to fight for what I want and here I am today, teaching my own class, supporting younger children to become who they want to be in the future.

My advice to you is don’t take these years for granted. Find your feet, discover who you are and who you want to be, strive for success and the life you want to live and for your future kids to aspire to live too. It may seem like miles away but these years go so quickly! I still can’t believe I’m actually an adult now, it’s crazy. Nothing is set in stone, you can do so many different things through 1 course, the options are endless so don’t stop now. Keep going because it will all be worth it.

Abbie Middleton :

Abbie Middleton

Name: Abbie Middleton
Left the Academy: 2020
About me:

After leaving the school in 2020 I went straight to Harrogate to begin my Army career and start training.

I spent 9 months learning how to handle a weapon, sleeping out in the field in terrible weather conditions, firing ranges, physical training and team work both in everyday life and in more dangerous situations. I was then diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and had no choice but to be medically discharged from the military.

I then decided to go down a completely different career path and started working in the horse racing industry where I spent 5 months in Newmarket and am now living in Newcastle working for a racehorse trainer up North, travelling to a different city nearly every week for racing opportunities. The school helped me massively by helping me realise my potential and what career path I wanted to go down, I was massively into sport whilst at the school so knew I wanted to pursue a career that kept me fit and moving around.

My advice for young people is not to let any setbacks put you off whether it’s big or small, keep a positive mindset and carry on moving forward despite what happens.

Natasha Pell :

Natasha Pell

Name: Natasha Pell
Left the Academy: 2013
About me:

After leaving St Lawrence Academy I was awarded a scholarship at Gordonstoun School, where I studied Maths, English Language and P.E. at A-Level. I gained a degree in English Language, and worked as a teaching assistant in a special needs school and as a care assistant in a care home for adults with disabilities.
Using these experiences I then went back to study and I am now a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, working at a hospital helping patients who have communication and swallowing difficulties as a result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia, Parkinson’s, MND, and MS.

School gave me so many opportunities to explore my interests and build my confidence. The teachers would always provide support and help when I needed it or when I asked. School helped to prepare me for the future by providing leadership and teamwork opportunities, and these skills are so important in any work setting.

Don’t do something just because it’s what other people expect from you, instead find something you enjoy or have a real interest in (even outside of lessons). Do you enjoy helping people? Do you enjoy an individual challenge or leading a team? Are you creative? Do you have skills in organising a project? Do you have a hobby or interest outside of school?
If you are looking for further advice or are interested in finding out more about a career in Speech and Language Therapy, health care or hospital settings you can find me on twitter @NatashaP_SLT

Azila Hussain :

Azila Hussain

Name: Azila Hussain
Left the Academy: 2015
About me:

I’m Azila, now PC 566 HUSSAIN.

I studied at TSLA and left in 2015. I went onto study A Levels at John Leggott College, and then did a Philosophy degree at The University of Nottingham.

I graduated in 2021, and also began my career in Humberside Police as a Police Officer in the same year. 

School gave me the confidence to go on to seize every opportunity in life that came my way. Whether it was deciding to move away to Nottingham for University or to join the Police Force!

I also have had to learn law and police procedures during an intensive training programme I was on, school gave me the tools and strategies to be able to learn these and use them in my job.

Don’t give up or feel like you are behind if you don’t know what you want to do next! Set short term goals, and keep trying every day to reach them. And get involved! There’s so much to get involved in while you are in school, college, and university; projects, clubs and competitions because whatever career you choose to go into, public speaking, communication & team working skills that you can pick up from getting involved in projects and clubs will take you a long way.

Victoria C Year 11 leaver 2022 :

Victoria C Year 11 leaver 2022

Name: Victoria C
Left the Academy: 2022
About me:

Victoria joined the academy back in 2017 and her time here has definitely been an experience. Victoria has grown so much both as a person and academically and she is so proud of the constant progress she has been able to make over the years due to the tremendous amount of opportunities at The St. Lawrence Academy. The academy even introduced Victoria to a boarding school located in Scotland, Gordonstoun, which she would have never seen herself applying for before. During the application process, Victoria was excited, obviously sceptical but felt encouraged to carry on and try her best by the incredibly supportive staff. It felt surreal that someone like Victoria, who has come from a small village in Poland would be able to attend such a prestigious school that has even been attended by British Royalty! It is truly difficult to sum up her amazing experience here at the academy because there is simply too much to say. Victoria has had so many opportunities to grow and has ended her time here as a Head Prefect and Dux Scholar, which are just two of the achievements she is extremely proud of considering how much of a shy girl she started off as back in Year 7. The St. Lawrence Academy has helped Victoria so much and definitely opened up so many doors that once, she would never have dreamed of.

Habiba Year 11 leaver 2022 :

Habiba Year 11 leaver 2022

Name: Habiba
Left the Academy: 2022
About me:

If Habiba were to summarise her last year at the academy in one word it would be eye-opening. Although it was Habiba’s last year, it truly felt like her first. There had been times of difficulty and times of doubt, but in the end, all her feelings were restored back to optimal levels with the sensation of realisation she came into contact with. Habiba connected with people she never thought she would, Habiba became close with staff she never thought she would but most significantly she understood herself better than she ever has. Habiba’s last year at TSLA consisted of helping others in other year groups as well as herself, but also realising that in some situations putting yourself first is what’s best for everyone else as well as yourself. And that is a lesson Habiba hopes to pass on to many individuals in the future. Habiba has now left TSLA with hopes of occasionally returning to a place that felt so like home. Her future plans consist of continuing the work to help others, mentally and physically. Habiba hopes to change the world for the better and develop the work which she started at TSLA. She looks forward to developing her knowledge on psychology and health and social care in college and further expanding that in university.  Habiba’s future aspirations are typically complex to achieve, but with the lessons she learnt and the difficulties not only faced and overcame but grew from, she now believes that anything is possible if we truly dedicate ourselves to securing them. As Habiba steps foot away from TSLA into a world so new and mysterious with so much to explore, she feels both mentally and internally stronger than she did just 5 years ago when she first stepped foot into the building, a feeling Habiba never thought she would have the privilege to experience. Habiba would like to give her best wishes and a huge thanks to TSLA, the place that helped her find herself.

Adie Year 11 leaver 2022 :

Adie Year 11 leaver 2022

Name: Adie
Left the Academy: 2022
About me:

Throughout the final year at the academy, Adie went through some of the highs and lows of his life, and yet it was still a special one that he won’t forget. Although it was just a year of exams for some, Adie saw it as a year that prepared him for a new chapter in life, where he would take up more responsibility and become more individual in the things he did. Adie’s plan for the future is to use the skills he has gained whilst attending St Lawrence and live the best and happiest life he can, whatever he experiences on the way. One of Adie’s plans is to hopefully change and improve the lives of many people, locally and maybe even internationally. To give him the chance I need to do this, he has taken up a scholarship at Scunthorpe United FC Trust and Education which could help him get a good-paid job so he can fund it to charities across the country and further. Adie’s dream job that he can get from the course that he is doing is becoming a professional football player and he plans to work hard for it or whatever route he goes down next.

Evelina G Year 11 Leaver 2022 :

Evelina G Year 11 Leaver 2022

Overall, St Lawrence has massively supported me and helped Evelina to shape into the person she wants to be in the future. With all the support and guidance she received during my GCSEs, Evelina  feels confident that she will have achieved the grades needed to pursue the future she wants. Evelina hopes to go to college and study business, economics, english and work on an EPQ ,then go to university and study with a degree scholarship.

April McNamara :

April McNamara

Name: April McNamara
Left the Academy: 2008
Location: Scunthorpe
About me:
It has been 8 years since I left school and it hasn’t been a breeze, however I have done well for myself. I have a degree in Animal Nursing and I have an NVQ Level 2 in Hair Dressing.  When I left college, I started working as a Factory Packer, then I worked my way up and became a Care Assistant.  From there things got better and I landed myself a job at British Telecom as a Detentions Advisor.  I am now an Installations Coordinator for Wren Kitchens and hopefully soon I will become a manager. So never get down about life because it is only you who can change it.

Joe Marshall :

Joe Marshall

Name: Joe Marshall
Left the Academy: 2011
Location: Scunthorpe
About me:
Since leaving the academy I went onto to work in America, coaching Football with UK International Soccer Camps. I am now graduated from Southampton Solent University, doing a BA Honours Degree in Football Studies. During my 3 years at University, I have a also worked for Southampton Football Club as a Foundation Coach. I am looking to move to UEFA B Coaching License and move into a full time coaching job.

Jake Smith :

Jake Smith

Name: Jake Smith
Left the Academy: 2010
Location: Scunthorpe
About me:
After leaving the academy I studied a BTEC extended diploma in Sport course for 2 years at John Leggott College. After that I then spent 2 years at Leeds Metropolitan University studying a Sport Coaching course. When I finished university I was lucky enough to be scouted to play A-Grade cricket and coach in Perth, Australia for 6 months. This was an amazing opportunity for me and I feel that I have learnt an awful lot from it. Since my return from Australia I have got myself a job as a PE and Sport teacher at Bottesford Junior school in Scunthorpe.

Natasha Pell :

Natasha Pell

Name: Natasha Pell
Left the Academy: 2013
Location: Gordonstoun, Scotland
About me:
I left the St Lawrence Academy in 2013 and when I left I applied to attend an elite boarding school in the north of Scotland, Gordonstoun. 7 former students have been to Gordonstoun to complete their A-Levels and it is definitely a risk worth taking.
Since arriving I have met the Duke of Edinburgh, been a head girl, spoken in front of governors, parents, staff and students, represented the highland district for hockey, captained the school hockey team managing to qualify for the top 8 schools in Scotland, done two expeditions (both 3 days and 2 nights), sailed around the Isle of Skye, on my way to completing my Gold D of E and gone to a remote village in Northern Thailand to build water tanks. And on top of all this, I have met some amazing people from all over the world, from Northern Ireland to Australia and Oman to Switzerland.
All of these experiences were unbelievably rewarding but challenging in their own way. I would highly recommend this school as somewhere to go once leaving the St Lawrence Academy, it opens an endless amount of doors for the rest of your life and will be something you would not regret.

Amy Hardy :

Amy Hardy

Name: Amy Hardy
Left the Academy: 2011
Location: Northumbria University, Newcastle
About me:
I’m currently in my second year, training to be a paediatric nurse at Northumbria University in Newcastle, it’s a very rewarding career and I have loved every minute so far. I have been on placement in a variety of settings such as a respiratory ward at the Great North Children’s Hospital, Outpatients department and I am with the school health team at the moment. All throughout there have been many situations which are challenging and emotional but it’s definitely worth it to see the smiles that come from the children and their family & knowing I have been a part of their care.

Nathan Togun :

Nathan Togun

Name: Nathan Togun
Left the Academy: 2012
Location: Loughborough University, Loughborough
About me:
Since leaving the academy I studied for 2 years at Loughborough college doing a BTEC level 3 extended diploma In sports performance whilst still training for GB Athletics. I then stayed here to train for the GB Bobsleigh Team as well as sprinting and have now finished my first year of a sports science degree at Loughborough University

Chloe Drury :

Chloe Drury

Name: Chloe Drury
Left the Academy: 2012
Location: Birmingham
About me:
Since leaving the Academy in 2012, I gained an academic scholarship that allowed me to attend Gordonstoun School in Scotland for sixth form and take my A-levels there. After completing my A-levels and leaving Gordonstoun I am now at university, studying for a BSc Mathematics degree at the University of Birmingham

Mehnaz Choudhury :

Mehnaz Choudhury

Name: Mehnaz Choudhury
Left the Academy: 2011
Location: London
About me:
Hi I’m Mehnaz and I left TSLA in 2011. I took a gap year after college and now I’m studying BSc Social Work – (Mental Health pathway) at the University of West London.
I chose London because the opportunities are endless, there is so much to do and see (just look at my bedroom view if that isn’t a reason I don’t know what is hehe!) I explored and contemplated different careers within Mental Health for years but chose MH Social Work for it’s holistic approach, it likes to focus on ways to prevent illness rather than try cure it. It’s a challenging but very rewarding career!  3 things to remember: Dream big. Be patient. Believe in yourself.

Charlie Henderson :

Charlie Henderson

Name: Charlie Henderson
Left the Academy: 2014
Location: Leeds
About me:
Since leaving the academy I moved to Leeds to attend the Ofsted Outstanding Notre Dame Sixth Form College where I study 4 A levels (History, PE, English and Psychology).  I am also a part of their successful football academy which recently became West Yorkshire Under 19’s champions. It was a big step up from school and moving to a huge city, but it has been thoroughly enjoyable and there are some great people here. After college I hope to go out to America on a sports scholarship programme – we’ll see.

Tom Brook :

Tom Brook

Name: Tom Brook
Left the Academy: 2012
Location: Scunthorpe
About me:
Since leaving school I have completed a 2 year apprenticeship with a local civil engineering company (Clugston Construction) and have now moved on to a trainee position. Although the company is based in Scunthorpe, I am currently placed on Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal in Mablethorpe, which is controlled by Conoco Phillips. I am also studying part time at Leeds College of Building on a Higher National Diploma. Here are some of my duties as a trainee engineer:
– Setting out dig lines for machines, slabs, beams, plinths, bolts and steel work
– Working with different trades such as joiners, steel fixers, pipe fitters and ground workers
– Using instruments such as a Total station/ EDM, telescopic level, CAT & Genny and laser levels
– Giving different trades the levels that they request
– Being able to read complex drawings and understand the construction process
– Produce documents for future reference for management and the cycle of the site
– Cubing up quantities for concrete when pouring slabs, beams, plinths, blinding and back blinding.

Sam Reid :

Sam Reid

Name: Sam Reid
Left the Academy: 2011
Location: Chester
About me:
I’m currently working at a cocktail bar in Chester called Barlounge. What started as a part time job, escalated into a full time career. So far I’m the venue’s events
manager and recruiter with my management training coming up this year. Already my company has rewarded my work with a trip to Champagne in France and a weekend in London, all expenses paid for both. I work roughly 70-80 hours a week but when you enjoy what you do, you live to work and don’t work to live.