Our St Lawrence Story

St Lawrence was a famous Martyr of Rome that lived in the second century. He was one of seven deacons who were in charge of giving help to the poor and the needy. St Lawrence . The story of St Lawrence is integral to our identity and the role we play in serving our local community in Scunthorpe. The prefect of Rome, a greedy man, thought the Church had a great fortune hidden away. He ordered Lawrence to bring the Church’s Treasure to him. The saint said he would, in three days. Then he went through the city and gathered together all the poor and sick people supported by the Church. He showed them to the prefect and said: “These people are the Church’s treasure.” The prefect was furious. In his anger he asked them to kill Lawrence slowly so he would suffer more. The saint was tied on top of an iron grill over a slow fire that roasted him.

We believe that the staff and students here at the Academy are OUR treasures

  • The flames and metal of our logo represent the steelworks of Scunthorpe and the iron grill that St Lawrence was killed upon
  • The flames also represented our original two specialisms, Science & Sport
  • The 5 flames represent our 5 core values, our 5 year groups & 5 houses.
  • Our house names are 5 precious gemstones of Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst & Turquoise, spelling “GREAT”
  • The 5 colours used in the flames are our 5 house colours with teal the dominant colour of our distinctive uniform.

Our Community

We are very proud of our Academy community which is rich in cultural diversity and celebrates different cultures throughout the academic year. We aim to provide our students with a range of opportunities and offer a transformational learning experience for all and place their experiences at the heart of what we do.

Our Values

Finally, Our Church of England ethos and distinctiveness is the driving force of the academy; inspiring all that we do and creating a culture of inclusion that caters to the needs of all our students, regardless of their faith. We pride ourselves on creating a community where everybody is shown and receives Respect, where the Truth is encouraged, Generosity is the norm, Forgiveness is practised and Justice taught. These values underpin all that we do in inspiring lifelong learning, independent, responsible and confident learners, who feel treasured within the Academy and wider community.