Dear Parents/Carers,

As we continue our work around the expectations of our students and the behaviours we expect within the TSLA community, we are keen to share the progress so far and the next steps that we will be taking to work alongside you and your children based upon your feedback.

Our RESET provision is now fully operational, and we have seen a 63% reduction in lessons missed, in addition to an increase in engagement in lessons. 

This shows the impact of high expectations and a commitment to make every minute of learning count. As we continue our drive on punctuality, attendance and learning behaviours, we will keep you updated on the next area of focus as we move through the spring term and into summer.

Some key things that we would like to remind you of in relation to our expectations:

  • Trainers are not permitted
  • Nose studs are not permitted
  • False nails are not permitted
  • Students wearing skirts must wear the Academy skirt and not black tube 
  • Electric scooters are prohibited on-site and students should not be using them to come to the academy
  • Mobile phones not to be used within the academy

We value the importance of the parent partnership and welcome ongoing liaison with you around your child’s needs and your concerns. Please ensure that you continue to communicate with us so that we can ensure your child’s academic and development needs are supported.  

We would also like to notify you that the student services desk will no longer be open during lesson times. If a child needs urgent medical assistance first aid will be called by the teacher or they can speak to a Student Progress Leader.  A member of staff will call you if your child is assessed as needing to go home ill. 

We thank you for your ongoing support with our behavioural initiatives, and look forward to updating you further with their future successes.

Kind regards

Mrs G Pattinson

Deputy Headteacher