Dear Parents and Carers
As you were aware, Mr Hire was appointed as Headteacher for one year and will start his new
Headship in Egypt in the summer. Mr Hire will continue his excellent work at the academy until the
end of July.
I am now delighted to confirm that, following the recent selection process, Michael McCluskie has
been appointed to the position of Headteacher at The St Lawrence Academy from September
Mr McCluskie will join us with a strong career in school leadership and Headship. He is delighted
to be joining the academy and is very much looking forward to meeting you all and working with
you from September. Mr McCluskie will be in contact with you to introduce himself as September
He acknowledges the hard work and progress that the academy has made in the last 12 months
and is keen to build on this in the months and years ahead.
There is obviously still a huge amount to plan, do and celebrate this current academic year, but
please be reassured that the future leadership, vision, values and ethos of the academy is
Kind regards

Mr M I Adnitt

Mike Adnitt
Chief Executive Officer
The St Lawrence Academies Trust